Walmart expands into movie streaming by buying Vudu

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Vudu Streaming or downloading is quickly becoming to way many people view movies, rather than buying DVDs or even Blu-ray discs. This must terrify brick-and-mortar retailers, so it makes sense that some would attempt to snatch whatever video service they can. Netflix is the most popular, but there are other, like Vudu which would be easier to acquire.

That’s exactly what Walmart has done. The retail giant today has announced a “definitive agreement to acquire VUDU, Inc.” The move means that Walmart will have those deals that Vudu has made with studios, both major and independent. Given Vudu’s current deals with TV manufacturers, Walmart would be able to push Internet-enabled TVs more heavily and not have any issues with it. Of course this means it’ll likely be even easier to buy an Internet-enabled TV from Walmart in the near future.

The question remains, however, if this will keep people from buying those same TVs for the Netflix streaming services. It’s unlikely that this will cause anyone to switch from Netflix to Vudu, though it has the potential to bring in more customers. If Walmart shows off the service on TVs in stores to those who don’t necessarily know everything about video streaming, perhaps there will be an increase in Vudu users.

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