Gadgetell Review: Yamaha EPH-30 headphones

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Gadgetell Review: Yamaha EPH-30 headphones

What is being reviewed?

Yamaha EPH-30 in-ear headphones, which currently retail for $39.95.

The specs

  • Cable length: 48”
  • Weight: 10.0g
  • Frequency range: 20 – 21,000Hz
  • Sound pressure level: 110dB ±3dB
  • Impedance: 16.0Ω ±30%
  • Driver type: Dynamic
  • Driver unit: Φ9.0mm
  • Ship with three sets of ear pads
  • Available in either white or black

My thoughts

So, I received a set of Yamaha EPH-30 earbuds to review. Pretty sweet, I needed a new set of buds anyway so this was like killing two birds with one stone. Or something like that, but back to the review.

The headphones looked great in the package, they appeared to be very nicely made, but after opening them I was immediately put off. That is when I realized the ends were similar to what I would expect from a “sport” style headset. In other words, the earbud cables are not the same size and are designed to be worn to the left side. Personally I am not a fan of that style and put the EPH-30’s back on my desk, where they sat for almost two weeks.

But then for good or bad I committed to a review, and a review was what I was going to give. I first began to use them around the house and was surprised because they fit very nicely. In fact the initial disappointment with the cable pretty much went away. Given that I began to run with them and use them outside the house a bit. Again, I was pleasantly surprised, although I could stand for the cord (it is 48-inches) to be a little bit shorter, but that is just personal preference. The important part is they stayed in place, pretty nicely at that, even while running.

As far as the sound quality, again, pretty nice. This is, in part thanks to the inclusion of three sets of ear pads which allowed me to get a very comfortable fit. And because of that fit I was also able to have a good deal of the background noise blocked. I generally listen to a pretty good mix of audio. Everything from audio and video podcasts to rock, metal, punk, alternative and even some rap. All things considered, I have to say that the sound was pretty nice across the board. But the important part is that (at least at my listening levels) they did not distort.

The bottom line

What you get is a decent set of headphones for a $40 price tag. In the end they offered me a really nice listening experience, despite my initial hesitations. But what it comes down to is whether or not I would recommend these. My answer to that is yes.

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