Android apps warez site “Blapkmarket” shutdown by its host

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Blapkmarket is — correction: was — a website that distributed Android apps for free. The only problem was that the website was distributing apps that were never meant to be free, so it was shut down by its hosting company. Blapkmarket, a play on words of the “apk” file extension of Android apps, hosted a number of apps that cost money in the Android Market, leaving the hosting company no choice but to take down the pirated apps and shut down the website.

Blapkmarket’s creator Jesusxxx claimed that the website was for sharing and was frequented mainly by users in other countries who do not yet have access to paid apps. This is a problem that Google has failed to deal with for over a year, and their unwillingness (or inability) to finally create a method for people to legally acquire these apps was a recipe for piracy.

It goes without saying that neither I nor Gadgetell endorse piracy of apps, but when a highly-coveted product isn’t made available through legal channels, people will find a way to get that product through other means. Some may argue that Blapkmarket is good for “testing” apps without paying for them, but the reality is that pirated apps repositories are havens for stealing. The same argument is made for previewing albums by downloading leaked MP3’s, but people typically keep those MP3’s without buying the CD. Content creators deserve compensation for their work and consumers deserve a chance to acquire that content legally. Google would be wise to increase support for paid apps across the globe, especially since Android’s “apk” apps are so easy to pirate.

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  • charles

    Android market as full 24H refund hassle free , so the reason given "testing app" is obviously an excuse for stealing….

  • Shock Troop

    Bull. You must work for one of the app devs who rape consumer pockets.

    It is not hassle free. Consumers WILL get a run around, and most likely receive NO REFUND. Once you spend money on an app, consider it gone, without any guarantee of quality. Additionally, once your credit card is used, it is at risk for additional mystery charges.

    NEVER buy these apps! 90% of them are pure junk. The other 10% is nothing for a REAL programmer to brag about. The only valuable app I can think of, off the top of my head, is Documents2Go. The vast majority is crap that resembles something a kid would write in VisualBasic.

    I am in the process of backing up my words with actions, by creating 100% FREE clones of the most popular apps available. I will do everything in my power to ensure none of these devs make a dime from simple apps. If they want to make money, they're going to have to earn it with truly creative and high quality apps, because I intend to be a thorn in their butts otherwise. I charge all other developers to do the same. This kind of stuff is bad for the industry, and is just shameful.