Dell now offering a “Performance Plus” package for the Inspiron Mini 10 netbook

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Dell now offering a Those looking for a little more video watching oomph on a netbook, you may want to check out the latest offering from Dell. Its the Dell Inspiron Mini 10 netbook, and it is now being offered with a Performance Plus Package. As far as what you will get over and above the regular version; SRS audio, a Broadcom Crystal HD card and a 10.1-inch display with a 1366 x 768 resolution. Other standard features of the Performance Plus package include Windows 7 Starter, a 250GB hard drive and a 56WHr 6-cell battery. All in all this should make watching playback of HD content much nicer. Price wise, the Dell Mini 10 with the Performance Plus Package starts at $409.

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    Dell's popular Mini 10 is the most customizable Netbook I've seen. Adding extras such as a higher-resolution display makes it more useful, but also blurs the price line between Netbooks and mainstream laptops.

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    Yeah,just a bit difference and you can get a laptop.But then it's different,i own a netbook and laptop.They have their own function to me.I like the Performance Plus because of high resolution and much upgraded features.I consider dell on my list as always for the brand.