Dell Mini 5 is first in a series of Dell tablets to come in the future

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Dell Streak Back

To be a successful company, you need to be able to reach to a variety of customers. Computer companies do this by making different models based on the needs of its customers. Dell is the first major company that is taking this concept and applying it to their tablets. The idea was hinted at during the announcement of the Mini 5 concept at CES; but now it has been confirmed in a direct statement from the company’s tablet division head, Neeraj Choubey, that the Dell Mini 5 is only the first tablet in a series of them to come in different sizes in the near future.

The Dell Mini 5 is a 5-inch tablet that will be released sometime this spring. Though no price has been announced, Choubey stated that the price will be competitive. But there will be other tablets after in an assortment of sizes and functions. The Mini 5 is more like a mobile internet device (MID) while a bigger, 8-9 inch size tablet could be used for completely different functions such as an e-reader. Expect Dell to release one in direct competition with the iPad so they won’t get left in the dust like they did with the iPod. (Does anyone remember the Dell DJ?)

Dell has a great opportunity here and I hope they take it. As of now, the iPad is lacking a lot of things consumers desire; and if Dell can take advantage of that, they have a chance to take control of the tablet market-share right off the bat.

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