Google world domination? Topeka, KS changes name to Google, KS in bid for fiber optics

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Topeka becomes Google, Kansas in bid for fiber optic accessWhen Google announced they would hooking selected towns up with ultra fast fiber optic Internet connection, Topeka, Kansas decided it would be in on the action. So the capitol city did what any of us would do: set about creating a Facebook page, passed around a petition and decided it would change its name to Google, Kansas for the month of March. Genius.

This isn’t the first time Topeka has temporarily changed its name to attract attention. Anyone remember “ToPikachu” from the 1998 launch of Pokemon media franchise which kicked off in Topeka, er ToPikachu. With the Google name change, Topeka is looking to set itself apart from other cities vying for Google’s attention like Baton Rouge and Grand Rapids.

Google has asked local governments and their residents to get involved. From Google’s page: “Google is asking local governments and residents to express their interest in the fiber optic trial, and to provide information about their community by completing our request for information.” If you read between the lines, Google is almost begging towns and cities to change their names. Unreal.

Read: [Topeka Capital Journal]
Image source: Capital Journal

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