Bing search bar now features autosuggestion of previous search history

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Bing has announced that it will begin listing user search history among autosuggestions in its search bar. The new function is designed to make it easier for people who frequently search similar topics to revisit their history when necessary. The catalyst for the autosuggestion came because “many people found [Bing’s] history feature very useful to get them to where they’re going faster. So we experimented with providing your prior searches in Autosuggest.”

Performing a Bing search will now reveal previous search terms in purple, much like your browser displays previously-visited links in purple. This will make it easier to re-open previous searches about HDTV’s if you are researching different brands over several days in order to choose the right television to purchase. (Note: Users concerned about privacy can turn this feature off.)

According to Bing, 44% of non-navigational search sessions can last longer than a week. That suggests that people are often revisiting similar information in an effort to better understand issues or make decisions – say iPhone vs. Blackberry when deciding which new phone to purchase. The new autosuggestion feature is likely to make that repetitive search experience easier for Bing users.

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  • Juegos

    This is only a step, unfortunately the Bing search engine results are not very accurate, the biggest problem.