Chivalrous Google says you pick on HTC, you pick on us; ready to fight Apple

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Android ready for fight, comes to HTC aid

Yesterday, the world was abuzz with Apple’s lawsuit targeting 20 alleged patent violations by HTC. Many of these devices named in the suit run Google’s Android operating system. Google preemptively sent a statement regarding the issue, refusing to sit idly by while HTC took the punches.

“We are not a party to this lawsuit. However, we stand behind our Android operating system and the partners who have helped us to develop it,” said a Google spokesperson in an email.

Google, it seems, is ready for the fight. Apple didn’t name Google in the suit, which is a bit odd, but many believe this suit is about one thing: smartphone war. Is Apple looking to clear the deck? If so, why wait until now to do something about it? Some devices like the G1 have finished their useful lifespan already.

Is there any correlation between Google flicking the multitouch switch on the Nexus One and the filing of the suit? Was Apple waiting for a device that could match the iPhone, one that could be threat? We’ve seen the Nexus One prepping for launch on the Verizon network. A good device on a great network, that could give the iPhone some competition.

We suspect Google will give a lot more than lipservice to aid HTC in this. The big guns are coming out.

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