Google intros Gesture searching on Android; International and sub 2.0 users screwed

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Android Gesture search comes to Android 2.0 and higher in the USGoogle announced a new app for Android that brings a bit of handwriting recognition to searching. The app allows users to create a gesture on the screen for searching for contacts, apps, bookmarks or song. Even better, the app learns as you use it.

What isn’t so great is this app only runs on Android 2.0 and higher. So users who just purchased say a Droid Eris (*ahem, our Editor Robert Nelson), you can’t have it. Even worse, only those in the US are getting this app so far.

I am sure Google is working to bring the app to more devices and more areas, but Android owners around the globe are finding ways to get around the practice. Folks from India, Australia and the UK chimed in with disappointment that their country was not supported. Today, there are still companies launching new devices that run sub 2.0 Android OS; is Android becoming a 3 month handset ownership max then dump to keep up with Google and the latest and greatest? If so, being an Android supported will become an expensive proposition.

All right, that’s out of my system. The app looks great, seems to work well and gets smarter each time you use it? That’s pretty sweet.

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