Ebook reader owners regret not waiting for iPad?

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ChangeWave iPad

By now we all know that the iPad is being released on April 3, with pre-orders coming on March 12. Now seems like a perfect time for a study to come out saying people want to buy the iPad. This study comes from ChangeWave, and largely deals with those who own or plan on buying ebook readers.

According to ChangeWave’s study, 27 percent of current ebook reader owners regret not waiting for the iPad, with only 45 percent of current owners still choosing their current ebook readers over the iPad. Among the surveyed, 40 percent of those planning to buy an ebook reader in the next three months expect to buy an iPad. The Kindle came in second with 28 percent, with the Nook and Sony Reader following at 6 and 1 percent, respectively. It is worth noting, however, that only 34 percent of those surveyed cited reading ebooks as the top reason for buying an iPad, with 68 percent saying Internet browsing is the main feature.

The results here really aren’t entirely surprising. The iPad isn’t a dedicated ebook reader, and there are still those who prefer dedicated devices for some uses. What might be surprising is that watching video was the top feature of the iPad for only 24 percent of those surveyed. More people (28 percent) were most interested in reading magazines and periodicals on the device.

Speaking as a happy Nook owner, I can say I am not regretting that choice. The iPad is a nice looking device, and I’ll surely get one eventually, but having the e-ink screen is very nice for reading. What will be most interesting is seeing how these numbers hold up after the iPad release, when the rest of us can compare it to other devices.

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