Motorola Backflip launches on AT&T without out-of-Market apps

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AT&T Backflip AT&T has made their first foray into the Android smartphone market, and it looks to be rather depressing. The first phone is the Motorola Backflip, which itself is nothing special aside from the different design. However, from the looks of it as of now, AT&T doesn’t seem understand the full draw of Android to some users.

Part of the draw to Android is the fact that apps can easily be installed outside of the Market, unlike the iPhone which only allows apps from the App Store. This allows users to install apps that may not appear in the Market for a variety of reasons. The AT&T Backflip, however, seems to lack this functionality. This means there’s no chance of Backflip owners trying the beta of Swype right now, among other apps.

This might not make a huge difference to some users, surely not everyone with an Android smartphone is going to care about installing apps from anyplace but the Market. It does mean, however that there are some who would just as easily pass on AT&T Android phones if it continues. Surely this could be fixed with a firmware upgrade, so it might not be a huge issue after a while, but until it is fixed it gives users let another reason to not use AT&T. It if does continue, it makes the rumors of the HTC Desire going to AT&T even more depressing.

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  • scott

    I got my Backflip today and beyond the fact that you cannot import/export contacts and the calendar from Outlook to the phone (without using gmail or a third part app), this topic which you bring up is seriously annoying. You cannot go to the company's website and install it directly. It must be done through the "market." Even though I paid for a software, I could not install the client part because it could not be found the market. Tech support for the software warned me about this. He said they are trying to work with ATT and Google.

    They is going to be a HUGE problem if they don't reverse this foolish decision and let you install outside the market. The Windows Mobile method worked just fine for me for many years. Here I switch to Google and I get this problem.

    I am already seeing work-arounds on the net but people shouldn't have to risk messing up their phone. I love how ATT says it is blocked for my safety. What, they know better than I do what I want installed on MY PHONE? Last time I checked, I have spent over 15 years in IT and backup up my critical data (PC, video games, and even the phone!). For the slight possibility that I screw up and install something bad, I have the ability to recover things. Leave me and my apps alone big brother. Or I'll find another carrier for my business and home.