Gadgetell Review: DAS Keyboard Professional

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DAS Keyboard

The DAS Keyboard was graciously sent to me to review over the past several weeks and I must say, it is a flashback to the old keyboards we all once used. DAS Keyboard sells 3 models of their signature super-clicky keyboards: Original Professional, Model S Professional, and Model S Ultimate. However they also sell a much quieter version as well named the Model S Professional Silent edition. The unit I requested was the Model S Professional considering I was not hardcore enough to go with the blank, ultimate edition.

DASKeyboard Box


By first impressions, the Das keyboard is very stylish, with a piano black bezel, blue media keys, and it’s thick. Very thick. The keyboard itself weighs 2.6 lbs, and is nearly an inch thick (24mm), which caught me by surprise having spent the past several months with a very thin and light keyboard. However, the dimensions were not necessarily a bad thing considering this is a desktop keyboard and will not be leaving a desk.


Besides the very solid dimensions and weight, the keyboard sports very attractive caps, num, and scroll lock LEDs that are very well hidden when turned off. It has German made key switches that provide the very tactile feedback the DAS keyboard is known for, as well as two USB 2.0 ports on the side. To use the keyboard, it requires either a USB port or a PS/2 port. The PS/2 is actually more attractive in this situation because it saves you a USB port and it allows for full n-key rollover which is perfect for fast typers and gamers.


Just out of curiosity I took a typing test using both the DAS keyboard and a Macbook keyboard. What I discovered was that the typing speed between the two different keyboards did not change. However I found that the DAS keyboard was 10% more accurate than the Macbook keyboard on identical tests. This accuracy could save a lot of editing time on documents depending on the number of words.

During the time with the DAS Keyboard I made several observations about it. First off the keyboard is way to loud to be in a room such as a bedroom, where working late might disturb a spouse or anyone else trying to sleep.

I have also concluded that the keyboard is definitely not for everyone. The tactile feedback for some is great, but others prefer quiet laptop style keys. Also, the keys on this keyboard are not nearly easy to press as say laptop keys. Therefore unless you plan on taking breaks for your hands several times, this keyboard can cause fatigue in the wrists and hands if typed on for extended periods of time.

If you are a person who enjoys very strong tactile feedback this keyboard is definitely for you. However, I would recommend doing a bit of recon work before spending the money on this keyboard just to make sure it is right for you.

You can purchase the DAS Keyboard Model S Professional from

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