Who’s on Crack in tech 03.12.10

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Welcome to another week gone that you are not getting back. No matter how much we loathe the week, it’s in the books and no amount of illegal narcotics is going to change that fact. For these nominees, who I suspect are on crack, this week hasn’t been kind. Let’s get to it:

  • Verizon <3's iPad?
  • AT&T trumpets Moto Android phone, it’s a solo, baby
  • Kirk Hiner vs Moshi
  • How to keep the riffraff from your party

Verizon + iPad = happyness?

Verizon is apparently licking its chops over the iPad plus MiFi, its mobile WiFi hotspot device. Our Sue Walsh reports, “Although the iPad’s 3G version is targeted for AT&T users only, Verizon is seeing a golden opportunity in the device’s upcoming release. Sales documents leaked to Engadget show Verizon is prepping it’s staff to encourage customers to buy the WiFi only version instead and then pick up a MiFi and data plan It’s a savings of $130 for the customer and a sweet deal for Verizon”

Only math stands in the way of this nirvana. At $60 per month for the Verizon connection, that’s 2x more than the AT&T plan. We’ll come back to AT&T networks in a sec, but just assuming all thing equal, you’ll pay an extra $720 over the life of the two-year contract, but can subtract $130 for needing only the Wi-Fi version iPad. That means you’ll only pay an extra $590 plus a two year lock in. Sweet?

Maybe. Obvi, if you’ve already got a MiFi, this is pretty moot. Or if you live where AT&T’s service is as strong as me in 7th grade, you’re excused; $590 might be something you can deal with . For those who really can’t tell the signal quality difference between carriers, it’s a big bill to swallow. I don’t see Verizon getting a big bump here, do you? It’s either wishful thinking or straight in from dropping a rock in the bathroom.

Android on a short leash, well, sucks

Yay! Android is now on AT&T. Boo! It’s locked down. Our Shawn Ingram tells us, “AT&T has made their first foray into the Android smartphone market, and it looks to be rather depressing.”

Android was supposed to be the “chosen one”, the one who would bring balance to the mobile phone OS galaxy. In this form, more chained down than Princess Leia in a metal bikini, the Backflip can only download apps from the store and is limited on what can be deleted. Can we stand for this?

Or will anyone care? I mean unsavory apps, are, well, unsavory right? Who says Android has to be the wild west? Is everyone picking up Android phones because you can do what ever you want, or do you just want some cute little robot popping up on your phone once in a while? My money is on the robot.

Appletell takes on a talking alarm clock

If you are like me, you should read Appletell more often. If only for the Kirk Hiner reviews, like the one he just did on Moshi, the simple talking alarmclock.

“The talking bit is cool, of course, but potentially troublesome. The “Time” command is bound to annoy anyone with whom you share a bed. Rolling over to see the time is not going to wake up my wife. Having a conversation with some strange female voice likely will.”

The image Kirk paints about having a conversation with an appliance while Mrs. Hiner is trying to sleep is fantastic. The best reccomendation Kirk can come up with are single folks who like to talk to things like plants and street signs or the blind. If that isn’t an editor doing his best to show some respect for the countless hours behind creating and delivering a talking alarm clock, I don’t know what is.

Only made it to level one Granny? You’ll be missed.

While I am sharing some love with sister sites, over at Gamertell, Christian Morlotte found a wedding invitation that requires invitees to play and beat a game to even get to the invitation. Fantastic stuff.

As Christian explains, “The game, called Darina and Niko’s Incredible Adventure, is presented in a vintage-8-bit style and features a couple of stages where players can choose either the bride or the groom to rescue their significant other. The game takes inspiration from Super Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong and the reward for completing the game is the invitation to the wedding itself. As an ending, players get the date and directions to the wedding.”

I assume, since the happy couple seems to be real gamers, if you don’t beat the final boss you don’t get to come. Sorry granny, sorry near-blind Uncle Bill, you’ll be missed at the wedding. How soon do you think before a “Darina and Niko Incredible Adventure” forum popped up? On the forum I suspect they’d be trading cheat codes, sharing leads on hidden Easter Eggs in the game, competing for fastest time and making wild prediction on the inevitable sequels: “Darina and Niko’s Amazing Race to the Delivery Room” or for the more pessimistic “Darina’s escape from the controlling and oft drunk Niko”.

See you on the forum, crackers.

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