Asus going “environment-friendly” and ditching the in-box recovery DVD’s

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Asus going

Those planning to purchase an Asus notebook or netbook in the future can expect to see a few less items included in the box. That items that will be missing — a printed user manual and a recovery DVD.

“ASUS is devoted to creating environment-friendly products/packaging to safeguard consumers’ health while minimizing the impact on the environment. In order to reduce the use of substances harmful to the environment, the EeePC and notebook product package does not come with the notebook support DVD. For system recovery, use the F9 recovery function instead.”

This seems to make sense, especially in the case of the Eee PC’s that do not even have a built-in optical drive. I would imagine that not having a recovery DVD will anger, upset or confuse some but at the same time it always puzzled me a little to include one with an Eee. Either way, moving forward, Asus owners will be able to view the complete user manuals online and should use the F9 key to aid in any recovery efforts.

Read [Asus] Via [EeeUser Forums]

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