New version of Digg is “five years in the making”

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New Digg

With the majority of the technology community in Austin this week for SXSW, Digg felt it was a good time to release a new version of their social bookmarking site.

In, fact they decided to release the alpha version of the new site so you can get a sneak peak at it. If you go to, you can fill in your e-mail address for access to the alpha release. This new release, Jay Adelson (Digg CEO) claims, is, “five years in the making.” Now based on my interpretation of that statement, I’m looking for a complete revamp of the design and interaction with the sight.

While geeks are frantically checking their e-mails for the alpha release, some websites, such as Mashable, are already implementing some new features of the redesign. With the new design, Digg felt that it was about time to change up the digg buttons as well. I guess that is going to be a good thing since I was getting kind of sick of the old ones anyways.

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