PC World calls iPad buyers “Idiots”

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PC World calls iPad buyers idiots

PC World writer, Galen Gruman, called out iPad pre-order buyers on Saturday, calling them names in his post, “iPad Pre-Orders: For Idiots Only.” Apple’s iPad went on pre-order Friday and is rumored to have 120,000 devices sold as a result. Even at the cheapest model, that’s $60 million, not a bad day in my book.

Gruman puts forth a logical argument,

“… we’ve all seen promising product demonstrations that resulted in major letdown when we finally got a hold of the real thing. Why take that chance? After all, the first-generation iPad is particularly likely to have disappointments, as it’s the version that will tell us what, after the hoopla dies down, Apple should have done.”

We all know that first generation anything, typically has some bugs to work out: cars, appliances, and especially gadgets. Gruman seems content to call the cult-like followers of the golden fruit names while forgetting (or perhaps counting on for page hits) other motivations for buying. Fear not, the “idiots” responded to the post:

“And if I call someone an idiot, my post gets flagged for personal attacks . . . but this guy can call a whole slew of people idiots, IN THE TOPIC EVEN!!!”
“aren’t you the same guy who was raving about the iPad just last month?”
“PC World used to have much better tech journalism than this. Are they hiring high school kids to write their op-eds during the recession now?”
“According to the logic of this article, I should cancel my subscription to PC World on the grounds that I would be an “idiot” to order an issue of a magazine before I’d actually had the opportunity to review it.”
“Galen, please stop writing. Your boorish, self pleasuring drivel has tainted a rather noble profession.”
“Galen Gruman is a prick.”
“I won’t defend my decision to purchase the iPad because your clearly not capable of understanding. Go FYS ”

As of this writing, there were 139 comments, mostly voiced by folks that sounded as if either they pre-ordered the iPad or can find logic in doing so. There were a few, “take that Apple fanboys” but most were put off by Gruman’s name calling. The tone was angry, disappointed in PC World, and often insulted.

I wonder how the post would have compared if the author had titled it, “iPad Pre-Orders, Your’re an idiot if you didn’t get one”. Would the Microsoft legion have come out against the fanboy? How many times would the word “fanboy” or “fanboi” have been in the comments? Or “Kool Aid”? Let us know in the comments.

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  • jpmrb

    i may be an "idiot", but i know that there should be no comma in the title! It should read:
    PC World calls buyers "Idiots"

  • JG Mason

    Well spotted jprmb. Your idiot status is totally questionable.

  • Kirk Hiner

    Without having read the article (and I won't), I can still say his point doesn't make much sense. If we're all idiots for buying for the first iteration (and I have, by the way), then he's suggesting that absolutely no one should. And if no one does, then how is Apple supposed to learn what should go into the second iteration. Or third? Does he make this argument with all products? If so, unless we idiots are out here buying first run products, the market would totally collapse.

    If anything, he should be praising us for having the guts to lay down that kind of cash so that we can help Apple learn what needs to be done to improve the iPad so this Gruman fellow can safe in buying the next model.

  • Neil Anderson

    Sounds like someone didn't buy enough Apple stock.

  • Mark Hernandez

    Don't you guys know what "clickbait" is? It's the current innocuous scourge of our times. Give an article an inflammatory title causing droves of people to go read it and comment and the website host laughs all the way to the bank with the incredible number of hits their pages are getting.

    Why doesn't anyone notice what's really going on there? They're click whores. Plain and simple.

  • iPad

    I think its time PC World got with the times, and pre-order one themselves. It is a tech magazine anyway. bookmarked

  • MrsiPad

    Traditional rule of thumb in any business – no name calling.
    The writer thinks he/she is all that. Well, good for you.
    The quality of writers are getting worse, I guess.

  • dan rice

    It's a shame someone would make this stupid comments. I kinda wonder how you got your job. In my line of business, one unsophisticated word you're fired. And I will be glad to release that salvo.

  • Boris

    I wouldn't say that everything 1st generation is bad.
    I have 1st gen iPod Nano (from 2005) – still works perfectly. My friend has a 1st gen iPhone – works well.
    I think iPad will be a very good product, but i'll wait until it gets front camera and iChat application + flash support (not that required).

  • dave

    Everybody's mad, but the dood's right on. Who the hell spends $700-829 on a computer that has 64gb? An Idiot. No Flash resulting in a quasi internet experience? Idiot. No USB? Idiot. 4:3 screen? Idiot. And these are just a few of the iPad's shortcomings. But you smug apple fanatics can get up in the morning, pull on your converse, throw on a sport coat and off you go in your Prius to your local Apple Dealer with a grand in hand to shell out to have the latest knick nack. Idiots dood…idiots.

  • Anna

    Well from what I can see, the iPad is only out because its made by a well known brand. its just Apple trying to get money. Why bother getting one when you cant fit it into your pocket?

    make ipad > ???? > Profit.

  • video to ipad

    ipad got so many problems,but still can't stop people buying.
    I guess just outlooking attract many,and some Personalize setting make you more comfortable.
    Specially,it never similar with any others,so if you are conditioned to use Apple stuff,you are in.

  • ViPadApps

    I think this argument doesn't match in all iPad product, apple always learn how to improve their iPad product..2nd generation, 3th generation maybe. . .save your money to buy next generation, guys. . .