HTC Desire, Legend coming to UK in April

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HTC Desire

When they were announced, the HTC Desire and Legend quickly became the Android phones to want. The announcements at MWC, however, came with no release dates, and no talk of a US release. Now we have no official US release for either phone, though there are now release dates for the UK.

Vodaphone UK is now taking update registrations for both the Desire and Legend. Both phones are due out by next month. No exact dates are given, though is listing both phones are coming out on April 1. The Desire and Legend are selling at the online retailer for £439.99 and £389.99 respectively, which translates to $662 and $587 for those who want to import the phones.

The latest rumors seem to point at the Desire coming to AT&T, and the Legend coming to Sprint, so importing could be the best option for those who want to use the phone on T-Mobile in the US. It might be worth the price for those who really want the new version of HTC Sense UI. There is always to option to root the Nexus One and flash a user-made ROM of the Sense UI, though that might have a number of bugs for quite some time.

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