Internet Explorer 9 embraces HTML5, ditches Windows XP

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Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Microsoft has recently made the developer preview of the all-new Internet Explorer 9 available at Internet Explorer 9 will be supporting HTML5 video, and it sports a multi-core capable JavaScript engine codenamed “Chakra” (hear that engine roar!), and supporting new web technologies that gives it the edge like CSS3 and SVG2. The Chakra JavaScript engine utilizes up to two cores, with the second core compiling JavaScript down to native machine code, which significantly speeds up the browser.

As we look back on its Acid3 test track record, its predecessor IE8 scored a dismal 20/100. However, IE9 gave a satisfying 55/100 during its preview. That’s one major improvement for itself, but it still pales in comparison to Chrome, Opera, and Safari, which scored 100/100 on the Acid3 test. Another JavaScript Benchmark test conducted by PCMag’s and ZDNet’s SunSpider, indicated a very competitive performance.

According to Microsoft, IE9 will not support Windows XP. For those of you who are still hanging on to Windows XP, this may be another reason for you to upgrade.

Via [ZDNet] and [Engadget]

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