New rouge app hitting Facebook

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Facebook A new rogue app is making the rounds on Facebook and has at least 25 different variations. The app, with names like peeppeep-pro, profile-check-online and stalk-my-profile, claims to allow users to see who has been viewing their profiles. Instead, it leads the user through a set of “configuration” screens that claim to be setting up the app to monitor your profile. Instead, it just sends the user through other apps, which pays off for the scammer in ad revenue. The app also spams the user’s friends list with invites to try the app themselves. One variation of the app creates a photo montage of the user’s friends, tags them all, and posts it in a sly attempt to get even more users to install the app.

These “who’s checking your profile apps” don’t damage your computer or steal personal info-they simply trick users into generating ad revenue for the scammers. Want to protect yourself? It’s simple. There is absolutely NO app that is able to track who visits your profile. Facebook simply doesn’t allow it. So ignore any that come your way and tell your friends to as well!

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