Sprint takes a shot at AT&T to advertise 4G

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iPhone using Sprint Overdrive

Sprint seems to be learning a bit from Verizon as to how to market your network compared to AT&T. Rather than focusing on 3G or 4G coverage (since Sprint doesn’t have much to boast on either front), however, Sprint is taking aim at the network’s speed, specifically the speed of it’s 4G network. The ad doesn’t feature any of Sprint’s phones, but does feature an iPhone.

The new ad is actually for the Sprint Overdrive, a 3G and 4G router. It compares the speed of the Overdrive to that of the iPhone’s 3G speed on AT&T’s network. The argument is apparently that you should buy an Overdrive to make your iPhone work. Sounds like Verizon’s attempt to sell MiFi’s to coincide with the iPad’s release.

What Sprint doesn’t say in the ad is how widespread it’s 4G network is at the moment, which could really limit the overall use of the Overdrive. Though having a WiFi access point for the iPhone would make the phone more usable in larger cities, those tend tobe cities without Sprint’s 4G coverage. Also, an extra $60 on top of the already pricey iPhone contract just isn’t that appealing. Not a bad way to advertise a network, but the overall idea seems a bit too pricey for most people.

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