Research finds Facebook is where the news is at

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If you’re bored online and want to find some interesting news happening around the world, would you check out Twitter, Facebook, or Google News? If you have accounts and are accustomed to all three services, chances are you would probably pick Twitter. Twitter allows users to post anything they want, and has been cited as breaking news every so often, but it turns out, people are more likely to head over to Facebook and Google News before Twitter to find news.

Hitwise has conducted research on where people go to find breaking news and coming in at third place is Facebook, while Google News holds at a steady eleventh place, and Twitter at a modest thirty-ninth place. In addition, only 0.14% of Twitter’s traffic leads to news and media websites, while 3.64% of Facebook’s traffic goes to news and media sites, and Google

The same report shows that Twitter accounts for less than 0.14 percent of the traffic driven to news and media sites. By comparison, Facebook drives 3.64 percent and Google 1.27 percent of their traffic goes to such sites. Even though Twitter is often touted as a major news source, most of the upstream traffic goes to Social Networking websites and Entertainment news. Entertainment news definitely makes sense as many athletes and celebrities have Twitter accounts. It is important to note that upstream visits from Twitter to news and media sites has increased by 54% over the last year.

As Twitter becomes a reputable source and its popularity reaches the likes of Facebook and Google News, I imagine it will be up there with Facebook and Google News because it is definitely a great medium to break stories, especially by everyday people.

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