Google Maps getting in to hotel business

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Google Maps getting in to hotel businessGoogle Maps began an expirament to show hotel prices (of advertisers) in Google Maps when searching. One of the huge advantages of the web when booking hotels is to get an idea where the hotel is in relation to what you want to see. Many users flip between Google Maps and hotel sites while researching best deals. Now, Google Maps is looking to help users out by offering it all in one place.

From the Goole LetLong blog:
“With this feature, when you search for hotels on Google Maps you’ll be able to enter the dates you plan to stay and see real prices on selected listings. You can click on the price to see a list of advertisers who have provided pricing information for that hotel, indicated by the “Sponsored” text, and click through to reserve a room on the advertiser’s site.”

Google promises the ads won’t affect Google ranking of a hotel’s position (that will still be based on matching keywords and proximity to your search destination). The hotel’s price is supposed to have no effect on results as well.

The users is being rolled out to a select few users for evaluation. If successful, a larger rollout plan is possible.

Read: [Google Latlong blog]

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  • Gianfrancesco

    google innovation is also interesting that in this way will probably preferred to invest more in advertising than those who can make a more competitive price on the market. For example looking for a <a href="Lumbria" rel="nofollow">">Lumbria hotel appear for the first advertiser on Google or one of its competitors?

  • Armil@list business on google maps

    Google is always making a way in which they can expand their services for the comfort of it's users. They are now leading in providing relevant information to users.
    But Google doesn't stop there because they're still up for more.
    Google is now creating the Google maps to widen it's services. This Google maps will help users to locate a certain business establishment in a map. On the other hand, they are allowing businesses to be listed for free. So, this is a free advertising opportunity for the businesses while widening it's services.