Facebook wants to make yet another privacy change, and you’re not gonna like it

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Facebook Facebook has announced a proposed change to its privacy policy that is bound to outrage many users of the popular social networking site. They want to provide send your name, photo, friends list, and any information you’ve made public to third party companies. Facebook’s deputy general says it may be necessary to do so in order to “make way for some exciting new products”. While they will allow users to opt out the policy will be enabled by default. They say providing this information will give users a “personalized” experience when visiting those third party sites. They want user feedback so be sure to give it here.

I am not happy about this and will definitely be opting out. I just don’t understand why any website or company needs access to my friends list or how having it could help them personalize my experience. Facebook has learned from its mistakes and is letting users know ahead of time and giving them a chance to be heard, so be sure you let them know what you think!

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