Jolicloud adds new desktop mode, moves into Pre-Final release stage

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Jolicloud adds new desktop mode, moves into Pre-Final release stage

Jolicloud, the netbook operating system has returned once again with some improvements, new features and updates.

To begin with, Jolicloud has announced that they have left the beta stage, and entered what they are calling the “Pre-Final” stage. Personally that sounds a little beta like to me, but names aside, it looks like this release comes with a few goodies to include a new desktop mode as well as HTML5 ready web app platform.

The desktop switcher mode will allow you to choose between the netbook friendly app launcher that we have seen up to this point and a regular desktop mode. Personally, the regular desktop mode does not sound all that appealing on a 10-inch netbook, but I suppose if you are running Jolicloud on something larger it could be nice. It was also noted that if you are installing Jolicloud on a 11 inch (or larger) display you will get the desktop mode by default.

Additionally, a few other goodies such as bug fixes were made as well as a new network manager that has added support for more than 100 new 3G cards.

Current Jolicloud users will be able to update to the Pre-Final release by a simply “Update All” in their My Jolicoud account, and new users will be able to download and install the latest version.

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