iPad and Netflix app – a killer pair?

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iPad and Netflix - a winning comboI am pretty sure you hate reading tech blogs on 4/1, as much as I hate writing on this day. File this one under, “stuff I want to believe but am scared to.” Gizmodo is reporting, as well as other sites, that Netflix will offer up an iPad app that allows movie streaming. As with all Netflix streaming, there is no charge – it’s all part of your monthly service from the company.

Netflix still hasn’t offered up an official app for the iPhone, but is said to be behind this one. With the recent influx of Netflix on “x” such as the upcoming Windows Phone 7 Series OS, it isn’t that far out of what we might expect. Is it too good to be true?

The app would allow Netflix customers to stream from the company’s instant view movie selection. While on WiFi or on 3G, users can stream movies until their hearts content or the 11-hour plus battery dies. Netflix’s selection of streaming movies isn’t huge yet, but seems to be growing at a good clip. My kids use it daily.

Could this be the app that tips the scale to get you to buy one? For me, it just might.

Read: [Gizmodo]

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