Buzz to reset privacy settings – users back in control

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At launch Google’s stab at social networking outraged many at the lack of concern over privacy. Since launch, Google has made many changes (rather quickly too) in efforts to right the wrongs the company committed. Rumored to be tomorrow, Google will reset everyone’s privacy, asking users to confirm their settings.

The move is a good one, after all confirming privacy settings and educating users on what is public or shared is beneficial to all. Last month, a letter was written to the FTC over Google’s breach in privacy. Requiring all users to confirm their privacy setting should stem any lingering effects.

Our Shawn Ingram explains Buzz, “Buzz, at first glance comes off as a bit of a Twitter-clone built into Gmail. It’s a service for sharing short messages, photos and videos with your friends. Of course, unlike Twitter and Facebook, there’s theoretically a way to automatically include everyone as it just takes your friends from Google Contacts. Buzz makes it possible to link to other web services like Picasa, Flickr, Twitter and Google Reader, which looks to be a nice feature. Everything is viewed in the same box, so no going outside of Buzz to watch a video or look at photos, and new comments appear in realtime lie Google Wave.”

Can Buzz regather the steam lost over the privacy snafu?

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  • Dave Harrison

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