TSA vs the iPad; do you or don’t you?

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TSA vs the iPad, will you or won't youDo you or don’t you have to take the iPad out for screeners at the airport security checkpoint? Can you add the iPad to the list of things you need to pull out separately while you are removing shoes and lifting your carry-on onto the conveyor? Is the iPad a threat?

Apple has described the iPad as between a smartphone and a laptop. Fair enough, but what does that mean for the TS? Smartphones are not checked separately, but laptops (and even netbooks) are. According to Andy Greenberg, the iPad is good to go – no need to remove from your bag (assuming you can put it down long enough to get through the metal detector.

The info Greenberg presents is based on users experiences. When airport TSA was questioned, they were not sure what to do with it (like many of the device’s detractors), ran it through the x-ray machine and determined it doesn’t have to be removed separately. Inquiries to the TSA main office have yet to be returned.

Hopefully the answer is not keeping throngs from making their purchase, though one shouldn’t underestimate the hassle of removing a laptop for security.

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  • john

    Thanks for your advice.Because I plan to buy a ipad for long distance to use.I always have to fly to somewhere.So that's a problem.I will consider to purchase a ipad or not…

  • stockredler

    i don't see the problem – why can't it be scanned like mobile phones, then just taken on the flight as normal? you wouldn't leave your keys behind just because they had to be taken from you to pass through security, would you?!

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