Android steals from Palm and Windows Mobile says comScore

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Android steals from Palm and Windows MobilecomScore released their report of mobile phone operating system shares for February of 2010. The winners (over November of 2009) are Android and RIM. Palm and Microsoft Windows continue to bleed users while the iPhone OS held almost steady.

Is it any wonder that Android will continue to gain market share as they launch phones featuring the OS on more carriers? It shouldn’t be. Windows Mobile has seen it’s replacement announced last month at MWC in Barcelona so consumers are going to shy away from getting the outdated OS.

This news has to be the hardest to swallow for Palm. They’ve launched on Verizon and surely were hoping for better news. As the OS, which we all think is the bomb, lands on more carriers, hopefully they can regain some ground or get gobbled up by someone who could use a kick in the “wow” department.

RIMs gains are impressive. Despite a strong browser and a lack of significant advertising supporting their apps store, the maker continues to find opportunities and seize them. Can they continue to play the low price game and keep gaining? Time will tell.

Read: [comScore] via [TechCrunch]

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