Redbox $3.95 all-you-can-stream movies?

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According to a Redbox survey, the company is considering a move into streaming movies Netflix-style for a mere $3.95 per month. Netflix currently offers streaming free, as long as you have a minimum $8.99 plan. Redbox currently operates kiosks that distribute movies for $1 a night across the nation.

The survey was sent to users to track customers opinions on how valuable streaming is to them. The survey detailed the $3.95 unlimited streaming plus four kiosk rentals per month. When asked about the survey, the company suggests it is merely probing the waters and believes in the physical kiosk as a viable distribution route.

We believe Redbox would be a welcome competitor in movie streaming. I personally stream Netflix movies regularly and believe more competition would light a fire under the providers to offer more movies to stream. While it’s been great showing my kids the gems of the 80s, new releases are where the service is headed and it can’t get there fast enough in my book.

Redbox couldn’t just show up though, there are some barriers to entry. Netflix has done an excellent job in getting onto just about every device out there. From PCs and Macs to Wii and Xbox, to Blu-ray players and now right into the TVs and iPads. Redbox certainly has their work cut out for them.

The Redbox streaming plan essentially is pay for four rentals and get streaming free. Netflix does offer streaming for less, $4.99 a month, but the streaming is only allowed on a PC or Mac, not other devices.

Let’s hope the response to Redbox’s survey encourages them to jump in the game.

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  • Catalin

    Redbox can be a competitor for Netflix but they still need to improve their strategy. I mean they need more than a competitive price of $3.95. Netflix has a larger video library, offers support for gaming consoles, STB, Blu Rays and so on. Redbox shall thing twice before launching the service. Here is a review:

    Professional Streaming Consultant