Sprint bungles site update and angers customers

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Sprint Over the weekend Sprint made the brilliant decision to update their website. As a long time customer I can tell you there was really no need, but I digress. The site went down on Saturday and as of this writing, 60 hrs later, it’s still down. Sprint is blaming database glitches and unspecified “issues impacting site functionality” according to their Twitter page, and if their Facebook page is any indication they’ve managed to enrage many of their customers. The 2+ day outage means customers can’t access their accounts to pay their bills or check usage. Even though customers can still call Sprint’s CS for those tasks, given the company’s lackluster CS history, most are reluctant to do so.

Customers attempting to access the site are greeted with a bright yellow hardhat and the words:

Whoops. The site is down.
Sorry for the interruption—we’re working hard to bring it back.

To add insult to injury, the Facebook and iGoogle apps the company says customers can use to pay their bills and check their usage don’t work either. The botched site update is a black eye Sprint really doesn’t need right now.

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  • sprint customer too

    They didn't just update the website – they moved to a completely different software model