Asus Eee PC 1005PR now available for pre-order with Amazon

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Asus Eee PC 1005PR now available for pre-order with Amazon

Yet another Eee PC netbook has shifted into the available for pre-order status with Amazon. The latest is the Eee PC 1005PR, and it also marks the second offering from Asus that is packing an HD display. And for those wondering that HD display means a 1366 x 768 resolution, which is an increase from the typical netbook standard of 1024 x 600. Just to finish off the display, it is 10.1 inches in size and glossy in nature.

Otherwise, the Eee PC 1005PR features will include a Broadcom Crystal HD accelerator, a 1.66GHz Intel Atom N450 processor, 1GB of RAM, a 250GB hard drive, Windows 7 Home Premium and 6-cell battery that is said to offer up to 11 hours of run time. The remaining feature include Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, a 0.3 megapixel webcam and a chiclet style keyboard.

In terms of pricing, expect to pay $399.99. As of now an availability date is not offered, and the purchase would simply be a pre-order. Still, this is a nice offering for a netbook. Not only are you getting a higher resolution display, but a slightly larger hard drive and the Premium version of Windows 7 as opposed to the Starter version.

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  • jehnavi

    Asus EeePC 1005PR’s mouse buttons and touch pad need to be worked upon. The touch pad is separated from the wrist rest by a group of raised dots. Navigation on this Netbook is not as easy as compared to other computers. We also didn’t like the single rocker bar below the mouse pad. We prefer two separate buttons. Compared to this, Toshiba’s Netbooks have a larger mousepad wit big buttons.