Google adds minor update to Gmail app on iPhone, iPad, and Android

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Gmail mobile compose window If Google can keep Gmail constantly improving, I’m sure many mobile users will begin switching to Gmail. Google has made it a priority to keep the Gmail app in top notch shape for the major platforms such as iPhone, Android, and the emerging iPad. The update pushed out by Google basically has to do with contact box when composing a message.

The “To” box has expanded so the whole contact is displayed (Name and email address). In addition, after choosing a person to send an email to, you can quickly press an undo button in case you chose the wrong recipient. When composing an email, if you begin to type a contact’s name, the drop down list will only show the associated names, not their email addresses. For example, if I am sending an email to John Smith (, the drop down list would only show John Smith (not his email address) and maybe John P. and John C. if I have more contacts. Lastly, for the contacts you email the most, a Plus sign will be displayed.

As the Gmail app becomes more sophisticated, I’m sure many mobile users will consider switching to Gmail from a different email provider. If that is not the case, at least the mobile experience has been improved for the masses.

Via [CNet]

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