5-inch Dell Streak to hit T-Mobile

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Dell 5-inch Streak

Dell’s Streak series has been in the news quite a bit lately. Big reveal was last weeks photos of the 7 and 10-inch flavors of the Streak series to surface on the web. Today, it is a filling by the FCC for the Mini 5/Streak/5-inch Streak that shows us Dell wants to get this thing in as many hands as possible.

Previously, Dell had filed this Streak to be have 3G under AT&T’s network which would limit its users to ones who have AT&T(if they want 3G). But the most recent filling has the tablet under T-Mobile’s network. It would seem Dell doesn’t like exclusivity, they know that the more people they can offer this product to, the more profit they will make.

The wave of tablets is about to crest within the next year. That may seem like a while, but I don’t think it will be long enough to secure any brand’s domination in that market. Dell has two tablets rumored for release within the year. HP has one, Asus, the WePad, possibly Google, the list goes on. We’re about to have a full blown war at our fingertips. Check back on Gadgetell to see who has the largest foothold in this battle.

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