Man buys iPad, loses finger

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iPad A 56 year old Colorado man was mugged shortly after buying an iPad, but lost more than the highly sought after tablet. When the thief ripped the Apple Store bag out of his hand, his finger went with it. Bill Jordan said he had the cord of the bag wrapped around his hand due to the weight of its contents and when the thief attacked, he yanked it again and again until his finger paid the price.

“He kept pulling until something had to give, and it wound up being my finger,” Jordan said in an interview Tuesday. “There was nothing but bone showing on the whole back of the pinky, The skin was just gone.”

Doctors were forced to amputate most of it. Police are searching for the suspect and have the tape from the mall’s security tape to help. Since the iPad’s release a few weeks ago there have been a rash of thefts.This is the first one that cause serious physical harm. Apple has recorded the serial number of the stolen iPad so the thief-or more likely the hapless person he sells it to, will probably not be able to enjoy it very much.

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