Facebook says sayonara to Lite and Connect

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Facebook Fresh on the heels of it’s announcement of a new like button for Fan Pages and Open Graph platform, Facebook has announced at its F8 developer conference that it is shutting down the popular Facebook Connect service. Over 80,000 partners used the service to allow Facebook users to register with their accounts.

“We are actually eliminating the Facebook Connect brand,” CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a press conference. “We figured that ‘Connect’ is not descriptive for users.”

The site also said it is getting rid of it’s Facebook Lite service, which was a stripped down version of the site for users in other countries that may not have the benefit of high speed internet and for new users wanted a simpler social networking experience.

Among the new features announced was Community Pages, which will function much like Wikipedia. They’ll be user edited and controlled. Whether Facebook’s users will embrace all the changes remains to be seen but one thing is for certain-if they don’t like them they’ll make sure Zuckerberg knows it!

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  • Cellulite Gel Jen

    This is really interesting informations, It will also be interesting to see where facebook goes, its such a world wide phenomenon. The like button was almost revolutionary, and even the share button has made facebook a huge target for virtually anybody.