New leak from Dell shows two new devices

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Dell MID/NetbookTablet Roadmap

A leak from AndroidCentral gives us a new Dell Roadmap for their MID/Netbook Tablet lines. It includes five devices, two of which this is the first time we’ve even heard of. They would be the Sparta netbook tablet and the Athens netbook.

Both of them have 11-inch displays, an ARM processor, and optional 3G, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth connectivity. The Sparta’s design intrigues me quite a bit. From the looks of it, it can be a regular netbook with a full keyboard if you would like. But if you want it to be a tablet, it seems that the screen itself rotates independent of the frame bordering it. So when you go to close the netbook, you can rotate the screen and close it so you have a tablet instead.

Also on this roadmap are the Streak and Looking Glass, two of Dell’s foray into the tablet market. This roadmap says that we could be seeing the 5-inch Streak within the next month which will be awesome. Some new info on the Looking Glass, the Looking Glass Pro, is on this roadmap too. Apparently, it is just an HD LG(Looking Glass) with a TV tuner in it. The regular LG will be this fall and we will be seeing the Pro early next year. What’s a bit disappointing is the lack of info on the 10-inch version of the Looking Glass that leaked last week. The rumor said that we would see it early next year but it looks like we won’t get it till summer next year since it isn’t on this roadmap.

But this does confirm Android on the LG which is what I had hoped for. And it also confirms that the Streak will be going to T-Mobile instead of AT&T next month which the FCC had given us that option last week as well. With Android on the LG, do you guys think it will be a much bigger competitor to the iPad than anticipated? Give us some opinions in the comments.


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