What’s new in the Verizon iPhone story: 53% of Verizon’ers ready

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Ah, when will it end? A new poll released by ChangeWave says 53% of Verizon customers were at least “somewhat likely” to switch to an iPhone, should the company offer it. In rough terms, that 48 million would-be iPhone customers waiting in the wings. Unfortunately for Verizon and it’s customers, we’ve got no evidence we’ll see a Verizon iPhone anytime soon.

From ComputerWorld: “Saying that there is “an unprecedented level of pent-up demand for the iPhone among Verizon subscribers,” Rockville, Md.-based market research firm ChangeWave said its survey of more than 4,000 consumers pegged Verizon as the U.S. carrier most likely to reap massive rewards if Apple opens up the iPhone to other providers.”

Coinciding with this news is another ChangeWave poll that found AT&T customers are finding more dropped calls, three times as many as Verizon (who claimed the least amount of the four carriers polled). One question AT&T has to be asking is not only how many Verizon customers would switch to an iPhone but how many AT&T customers would defect to get better service?

Far too much has been said on a Verizon iPhone, good and bad. Analysts have gone on record saying they would expect Verizon to add 11 million iPhone users the first calendar year. Even this number of new iPhone sales adds $3.8 billion in revenue to Apple (placing the expected payment from Verizon to Apple at a conservative $350 each). Could that be enough to sway Apple? What would that mean to the App Store ecosystem? Could anything stop that super train of captured users?

I suppose we’ll see, someday.

Read: [ComputerWorld]

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