BlackBerry’s got a tablet? iPad competitor or pretender?

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BlackBerry tablet plannedHad enough of how great the iPad is? Itching for some news that restores your faith in your trusty BlackBerry. Well this could be it: rumor has it BlackBerry’s been working/thinking/considering building a tablet.

There are many that might appreciate a larger screen that brings the security and functionality of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server to a touchable, portable, even lovable form factor like a tablet. With BlackBerry’s success in the corporate marketplace, it might just be a winner. A winner, if that is where RIM, maker of BlackBerry products, were considering this market.

However, the rumor mill says it is looking at a consumer focused tablet. Huh? A consumer focus tablet would move away from RIM’s core strength (BES) and push them to compete on entertainment, a realm that BlackBerry’s can’t seem to master (see Storm and Storm II for reference). Could a consumer device take hold?

“As we mentioned previously, no one really knows what is going on with the Research In Motion tablet. I’d personally go so far as to say not even Research In Motion knows at this point what is happening.”

Further mucking up the picture, the Street was quoted as saying RIM was looking to an Android-powered tablet to be released later in the year. RIM’s put a lot into the BlackBerry OS and I don’t seem them jumping ship to offer a me-too Android tablet that will surely flood the market come the holiday shopping season. I am not sure how this makes sense to anyone.

Anyone see a way for RIM to do something exciting here? Let us know in the comments.

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