Android number two smartphone OS sold in Q1 2010

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Android outsells iPhone for the first time It looks like Android has finally overtaken the iPhone, if only for the moment. According to market research group NPD, Android was the number two top selling smartphone OS in the US for the first quarter of 2010. Apple’s iPhone came in third.

The actually numbers come is with RIM’s BlackBerry with 36 percent of smartphones sold, Android with 28 percent and Apple with 21 percent. This marks the first time that Android has managed to outsell the iPhone. BlackBerrys, as always, outsell both platforms somewhat easily. Businesses seem to need BlackBerrys to function, and a lot of people seem to want physical keyboards. This drop in iPhone sales does go along with Apple’s recent earnings call saying that they sold less iPhones last quarter. Android coming in and selling more was a bit unexpected, however.

The likely cause of the increase in Android sales in comparison to iPhone sales could be the shear number of Android devices. Every major carrier has at least one Android phone now, so carrier selection is not an issue. Not to mention the fact that a new, even better Android phone seems to come along every few weeks or so. In comparison, the iPhone is the same iPhone that’s been out since last June, and there is that whole lost/stolen next iPhone situation that may have convinced some to hold out until this coming June. Or maybe the Droid and Nexus One were just that enticing to people.

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