Zynga planning to take Farmville off Facebook

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Facebook Social game maker Zynga has announced that it is planning its own social gaming site and is prepared to yank its popular games off of Facebook if its demands aren’t meant. The company, which makes popular social games like Mafia Wars, YoVille, FarmVille, and Café World, is angry over Facebook’s requirement that game developers use the Facebook Credits system for in-game sales, of which the site gets 30%. Zynga wants the whole pie for itself.

The games provide enormous traffic for Facebook, but the move would definitely hurt Zynga more. The games were designed for the Facebook platform and it’s the newsfeed and wall system by which gifts and other game notifications are distributed that gives the game its addictive quality. Should Zynga allow their greed to take over and move the games off of Facebook, it’s likely many of the tens of millions of game players won’t follow, and without those game players, Zynga stands to lose more money than it would gain by not having to give a cut of in game sales to anyone.
Do you play any of Zynga’s games on Facebook? Will you follow them to Zynga’s site if they move?

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  • Nancy Retherford

    we will all be following zynga, and zynga knows that.

  • Ti Corrales

    Facebook is just a table for playing the Game…I would follow Zynga