Can you afford the new iPhone 4?

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AT&T is reportedly moving up when it’s users can qualify for a full subsidy to June 20th. The world expects a new iPhone in June and it looks like AT&T is getting it’s house in order to pave the way for loyal iPhone customers to upgrade to the latest and greatest without hassle. Some users have seen their expected 2 year wait reduced significantly.

Last year, AT&T allowed users with August, September and October full upgrade dates to do so in June during the iPhone 3GS launch, so there is some precedent for this. In the past, AT&T has played catch-up while this year, they look to be out in front of it. This subsidy lowers the price for users willing to agree to a two year contract.

Some users, like me, have seen the upgrade dates change based on the device. I opened 3 accounts with three different phones and each has a unique date I can qualify for a full upgrade. One device has been changed to June 20th as well, a welcome surprise.

Of course, even with the subsidy, it is unclear just how much the phone will be. Using history as a guide, we saw the 3GS launch at $199 for 16GB and $299 for 32GB. The 3G prices were lowered to just $99. I’d suspect given the lack of super new functions that we’ll see a consistent pricing scheme.

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