Google says Office 2010 is a hassle, expensive and unproductive?

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Google is making a push for users considering the upgrade to Office 2010 now that the beta version is set to expire. Google’s been encroaching into Office territory for sometime now and continues to make inroads with it’s Google Docs suite of applications. Google’s latest push points out the fears of many IT admins looking at the expense and effort the upgrade will take; even as many IT budgets are still on life support from significant cuts thanks to a slowed economy.

If you’re considering upgrading Office with Office, we’d encourage you to consider an alternative: upgrading Office with Google Docs. If you choose this path, upgrade means what it’s supposed to mean: effortless, affordable, and delivering a remarkable increase in employee productivity. This is a refreshing alternative to the expensive and laborious upgrades to which IT professionals have become accustomed.

Google points to leveraging currently installed version of Office (all the way back to 2003) by making those programs “better” by allowing cloud storage and sharing as well as real-time collaboration in the coming months. Users can continue using programs that feel comfortable to them while behind the scenes, these docs are protected in Google’s online vault. Google touts the ability to store any file type in it’s cloud.

Google is offering a try-before-you-buy test to convince would-be users. Are you considering change over?

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