iPad *will* tether to iPhone 4 OS?

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iPad to tether to iPhone in iPhone 4 OSIn the new beta (iPhone 4 beta 4) released yesterday, Apple included settings to control tethering. iPhone users around the world have been using tethering for some time, but here in the States, AT&T denied access to the service. AT&T’s already strained network needed to save face, so they’ve pushed it off. Perhaps we are seeing the first crack in the crumbling of that policy?

It’s a smart move by Apple: slowly add features to the new OS build. Just enough to keep us all interested in what is coming and perhaps keeping customers from purchasing a competing product as the iPhone slowly does a strip-tease, revealing more and more with each build and Vietnamese leak.

Of course, this could quickly be a “be careful what you wish for” scenario. Using a cell device as a hotspot provider, burns through battery life at a good clip. Perhaps that is part of the thinking behind the larger battery in the rumored iPhone 4 hardware. And, users can expect to pay AT&T for the privilege of sharing that data connection.

However, those looking to get by with just a WiFi version of the iPad and avoid the 3G radio who happen to also have an iPhone may soon be able to connect the iPad through the tethered connection from the iPhone.

More as the iPhone strip tease continues.

Read: [Engadget] via [Unwired View]

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  • chris

    I absolutely love the fact that the iPhone 4 will have tethering capabilities. What a time saver!!!! Didn't even think about being able to tether it to the iPad though, that's even cooler. The iPhone 4 is seriously awesome even when compared to the likes of the DROID Incredible and HTC Evo. Take a look at these:

  • Adam Parks

    You should remove this post… The iPhone 4 will not tether to the iPad… It should, but it just does not…