Wireless charging for less: Powermat for iPhone bundle now just $69.99

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Powermat unleashes new lower price, iPhone specific powermatPowermat just released a new bundle: Wireless Charging System for iPhone. This bundle, unlike others from the company is specifically built for the iPhone and features a very small footprint to go with the smaller price. The company is shipping the units now for $69.99.

Unlike previous offerings, the Powermat Wireless Charging System for iPhone works only with one iPhone. It is a one-device, specific product. The mat is a new 1XA and the iPhone case has a specially designed square, so the mat and iPhone orientation is very specific. This isn’t a drop it on the mat and go system, just a hair more attention is required, but hey – still no wires.

And it’s smart: once the iPhone reaches full power, an auto shut off cuts power to protect your battery’s life. An international power cord for the mat is included, which should make life easier for those traveling overseas.

Also new is the receiver case for the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G. The back features the male square that looks like it might protrude just a bit, but the case offers some protection, a micro-USB port and supplied cable for syncing.

Expect a review on Gadgetell in the near future. Video:

Product page: [Powermat]

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