Droid users: Upgrade to Froyo (Android 2.2) in June

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Verizon Motorola Droid owners, get ready for Android 2.2, (Froyo). The update brings a lot of new features that are all but guaranteed to make you fall in love with your smartphone all over again. The update is said to be available first to the Droid and Nexus One first, next month.

Android 2.2 brings faster performance, WiFi hotspot capabilities, Flash support, and tethering. Early tests have pointed out that while many sites work great with the Flash player, some sites were very slow to playback. And forget watching Hulu on your mobile device for now as it seems they don’t have the license for mobile playback (which sounds fishy to me).

We’ll keep the lookout for 2.2 updates for Droid. Stay tuned.

Read: [PC World]

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  • Kimia

    Nice, I am waiting for! 😛

  • zack

    Anybody know I. Date close to when it will be out

  • Greg

    Soon it'll be here my sources say toward the end of this month sooooo…… we'll see if there right!

  • ain’t_happening

    Well, it's now nearly August (er, that would be in the year 2010), and I'm still waiting. Maybe it's time to find some new "sources"…..

  • Tonda Kala

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