Study says 60% of Facebook users thinking about leaving

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Facebook According to a recently released study, at least 60% of all Facebook members are considering quitting following the companies recently revised privacy policy, which forces them to make certain parts of their profiles public. The policy has drawn sharp criticism by many who feel Facebook has no right taking control of its users’ data. Many are also frustrated with the complexity of the privacy tools the site provides. The anger is so strong that a “Quit Facebook Day” has been organized.

“Most still don’t know how to set their Facebook privacy options safely, finding the whole system confusing,” Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos, said, adding what is needed is a fundamental shift towards asking users to “opt-in” to sharing information, rather than to “opt-out.” People use Facebook to share private information and are unlikely to want their holiday snaps or new mobile number accidentally popping up all over the internet. “

Should Facebook be worried? Yes and no. When you roll out changes that piss off a large segment of your user base you darn well better be concerned, but at the same time it’s unlikely that Facebook will see 60% of its user base disappear. Too many people are addicted to the site and even those that aren’t are unlikely to leave if the majority of their friends don’t.
Facebook does appear to be worried. They called an emergency meeting to discuss the backlash but decline to reveal what was talked about or if it resulted in a decision to roll back any of the changes.

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  • Tarun Kunwar

    I'm very much considering getting rid of my account for good. When I thought about it, there is only one friend on my list that I actually use Facebook to keep in touch with. Everyone else I see all the time or don't really care to talk to. You know, those list of friends from high school that you never want to see in person but love stalking.