Sony unveils prototype rollable OLED and yes you want one

Sections: Displays/Projectors, Peripherals

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Where this can be classified is unknown but the wow factor is undeniable. Sony announced yesterday that is has developed not only a flexible but rollable OLED display. Through a complex in house process Sony has was able to manufacture an organic semi-conductor material that allows images to be clearly displayed on the material while completely rolled up. We have not see much use of OLED technology in consumer products as the parts and production costs are still quite high but it’s exciting to see what they are capable of.

No more projection screen PowerPoints, unroll your presentation and tack it to the wall. Make any room or any space an impromptu movie theater. Digital posters and imagine the utility advertising companies would get with this type of portable and flexible technology. What we are really trying to say is, we want one.

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