Google Buzz finally comes to all mobile platforms

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Google Buzz Remember Buzz? That Google-made social network that lots of people said could put a dent in Twitter, then had all those privacy issues? There are a lot of people who have Buzz, everyone with a Gmail account who didn’t deactivate it does, though not many use it. When it first launched, Buzz mobile was only available to a small selection of smartphones: Android 2.0+ and iPhone.

Now, finally, Google Buzz is available for all major smartphones. This extends use to all Android versions. WebOS, BlackBerry, Symbian S60 and Windows Mobile. The site is done in XHTML, which on a myTouch 3G running Android 1.6 make the site load quickly, though it is not as good looking as the mobile app version. Those running on Android can choose between the XHTML and web app versions. The web apps looks better, and can load all comments on the same page unlike the XHTML version. The XHTML version of the site allow for posting, commenting, and liking posts, so just the basic features. Only in the BlackBerry browser will users be able to enable geolocation and add location to the posts.

Finally being able to post on Buzz on all mobile platforms is a good idea, but it seems a bit late. Buzz isn’t exactly the most popular service out there at the moment especially with all the privacy concerns at the start. Maybe this can help with those diehard users who want to use other smartphones, or those who like Buzz but are stuck on Android phones without on version 1.5 or 1.6. Or, more likely, most people will continue to ignore the service.

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