Facebook’s new privacy tools go too far for some users

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Facebook Last night while on Facebook I noticed my newsfeed, which is usually buzzing, was nearly dead. I’ve got well over 300 friends, run 4 Facebook Fan pages and am a member of countless more so this was decidedly NOT normal. I couldn’t quite figure out what was wrong until a friend told me to check the padlock on my “What’s on your mind” box. Ordinarily its set to “Friends” to allow all of my friends to see my status updates, links, etc. Sure enough it was set to “Only me” turning my wall into a private journal. Nothing I posted could be seen by anyone but me! As this information spread among my friends I discovered many of them had the same thing happen to their profiles. To make matters worse changing the setting back to friends didn’t stick-it went right back to “Only me” This didn’t seem to affect all my friends, only some of us so I have to assume it was a glitch associated with the gradual roll out of the new “simple” privacy tools Facebook has promised. Thankfully today things are working fine again. For awhile there it had me wondering if Facebook was playing a mean prank on us users for being so unhappy with the privacy. “They don’t think things are private enough? We’ll show them private!”
Were you affected by this glitch? Post here!

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