Pandigital Novel ereader makes its required FCC appearance

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Pandigital Novel ereader makes its required FCC appearance

Yet another ebook reader is about to make its debut, however, this one is the more-than-slightly-interesting Pandigital Novel and in a little bit of good news it has recently made its FCC appearance. Unfortunately, the FCC listing did not offer much in terms of any new details, but still we already know that it will feature a 7 inch color touchscreen LCD with an 800 x 600 pixel resolution and be running Android. Honestly this seems almost more like a tablet than a standard ereader. One interesting detail here is that the device shown in the FCC image is black, which goes against the white one that was shown in the images when it was officially announced a few days back. Also, the Novel is expected to come priced at $199.99 with availability in June. Oh, and it will also have 1GB of internal storage, Wi-Fi, an SD card slot and come touting support for the Barnes & Noble eBookstore.

Read [FCC] Via [Engadget]

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  • rjlopez

    I just purchased the white novel last night. I just found out that the white and the black models are different. Whats the difference? Should i have purchased the black one instead?

  • nobody

    the "digitalReader" has this to say;
    The white Novel has an internal microSD card slot (which can be upgraded). The black Novel, on the other hand, has 2GB of Flash soldered to the mainboard.

    I'm waiting a little longer, they say the Black has a more better touch screen.